Implementing the Strategic Plan

“The strategic plan addresses the what and why of activities,
but implementation addresses the who, where, when, and how.”1

THIS is the year you will implement those ideas to improve your business’s efficiency and bottom line! We all have good intentions when we outline our strategic plan, the “what and why,” but if your plan includes the same ideas from 2015 – or even 2014 – it is time to look for alternatives to answer the “who, where, when and how.” All Points Advising can help you figure out what questions to ask in order to discover your the answers that work for you.

In a small business everyone wears multiple hats and there is always a need for more hours in the day. This isn’t a bad problem to have – it means your business is doing well and growing! However, it is important to remember that implementing strategies is implementing change – and change, especially in a busy environment – can be intimidating. Clear communication with your employees about what is coming, why, and the improvements it will engender will go a long way to alleviating concerns. The Harvard Business School notes that “…95% of employees do not understand their company’s strategy. (How are they supposed to execute a plan if they don’t understand it?)”2

If your strategic plan includes things such as transitioning to a more efficient invoicing and payment system – implementing that strategic plan really needs to be a priority! This is where All Points Advising, LLC can help. Continuing with the invoice example, All Points can research various possibilities and give you options that will work best with your business. Once you have made your choice we will get the system integrated and working for you. This includes working with you to address any training necessary to your employees. Hiring outside your business to implement your strategic plan will ultimately help your bottom line in the long run!


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2 Kaplan, Robert and David Norton. “The Office of Strategy Management.” October 2005.