10+ Years Experience Helping Organizations Succeed

All Points Advising, LLC provides support to organizations both local to the Omaha Metro area and throughout the United States.

Mission Statement

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Meet the Owner

Educational Background

April Hartman was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She holds a B.A. in History from St. Olaf College, an M.A. in Education from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and an M.A. in International Relations from Omaha’s Creighton University. She also maintains HR credentials through her SHRM-SCP certification.

Professional History

Prior to All Points Advising, Ms. Hartman was HR Coordinator, Facility Security Officer (FSO) and Analyst for a government contractor. She also taught in the Omaha Public Schools and was a project manager for a local medical office. She founded All Points Advising in 2014. Her diverse experience informs her current role and the importance of efficiency, innovation, and communication.

Consulting Approach

Ms. Hartman employs her problem-solving skills in her professional career. She incorporates a big picture view of possible solutions to produce quality work in a timely manner. Known for her multi-disciplinary approach, she brings objectivity and insight to her work. The depth of her skills and the broad spectrum of her professional experience are evident when working with clients.

“All Points Advising brings process and a war chest of resources.”

– Grant Stanley, GetBric.com


Ms. Hartman’s certification by the Society for Human Resource Management as a SHRM-Senior Certified Professional (SCP) validates that she “has the ability to illustrate to employers that [she] thinks strategically, performs effectively in various situations and is able to implement practices for optimal organization efficiency.”

Member of The Society of Industrial Security Professionals

Member of the Society for Human Resource Management

Human Resources Associate of the Midlands


Karla Rasmussen, ImagiKnit Yarn Shop

“I’ve been working with April and All Points Advising since 2017, and she has been an absolute blessing for my business! April not only helped me personally, but put me in contact with professionals I needed if it was something she was unable to support. This was most helpful as I was new to Omaha when I started working with her. I did not have the contacts in Omaha that I had in Hastings where my business was previously located.

April has brought several things to light that I’ve needed to implement in my business. Her suggestions have absolutely helped my business grow. April is professional and efficient and her experience and expertise have been invaluable. What a gem her business is to a small business owner. I didn’t see how I could use her abilities . . . until I tried. If you are considering help in your small business, give April and All Points Advising a try. It will be a great investment!”

Karla Rasmussen
ImagiKnit Yarn Shop

Grant Stanley, CEO, GetBric.com

All Points Advising brings process and a war chest of resources. I have always had a haphazard way of recruiting and on-boarding people. This is about to change for the better. I am feeling more confident already.

Grant Stanley, CEO

Don Stormberg, President, Stormberg Construction

My website needed an overhaul and was at the top of my priority list, but I didn’t have time to deal with it. April facilitated the project and the result was a big asset to my business. I hired two new employees who, when they saw my ad for employment, looked at my website and decided they wanted to be a part of Stormberg Construction. A potential new business partner loved the site as well and wants to work with us. Several months after the website was up I still hadn’t managed the time to get the business marketing materials updated. I hired April to spearhead that project and now my vehicles, business cards and yard signs are up to date as well.

Don Stormberg, President
Stormberg Construction

Sarah Hosford, Owner, Willowtree Services, LLC

All Points Advising, LLC helped me turn my idea of having my own business into a reality. With no business background I was pretty clueless as to what steps needed to be taken to make it official. April guided me through all the government requirements and advised me on setting up a website and bank accounts. I would have been lost with out her help. To date she continues to help me with new ideas and implementation.

Sarah Hosford, Owner
Willowtree Services, LLC

Donna Huber, Owner, Thirteen Moons Acupuncture

As a practitioner AND a business owner, it is a challenge to do both jobs effectively. The practitioner part is the most important in principle and in income, so, the business part often takes a back seat. I’ve done the best I could wearing both hats, and at times, have failed miserably. Last year was one of those times and miraculously, that is when April showed up in my life. She came in and took over the little but big things, like an employee manual, HIPAA training, HR fundamentals and property management tasks. She set us up in a way that enabled us to really flourish this year and I will be forever grateful for her knowledge, wisdom and task-oriented commitment to our business. Let her help you! You’ll be glad you did!

Donna Huber, Owner
Thirteen Moons Acupuncture

John A. Macy, P.T., PRC, Great Plains Pilates & Physical Therapy

Bringing in All Points Advising is the best decision I made for my business. As a successful professional with a growing practice I needed the business systems to keep pace, but time spent doing business tasks does not generate revenue. The best use of my time is to spend it seeing clients. In my first discussion with Ms. Hartman she grasped immediately what I needed and how to put business systems in place to meet the financial, legal and regulatory issues in my profession. She quickly understood the market I was selling to, the client base I was developing and the direction I wanted to go with my practice.

Then Ms. Hartman made it happen. She kept me fully informed throughout the process and when there was a decision point she presented well-developed options for me, not endless questions about details. Her level of professionalism, service and problem-solving ability is better than any consultant I have ever met for my profession. Best of all Ms. Hartman takes a personal interest in ensuring that how she organizes the business part of my practice maximizes the time I spend doing what I love and trained for – working with my clients.

My investment with All Points Advising paid for itself financially and operationally before the work was even finished!

Michael Abraham, Owner, Your Tech Therapist

All Points Advising has assisted me in progressing my business forward, achieving my desired goals, and align my business with the vision that I have for it. April is available for questions, has a wonderful way of thinking about problems, and makes it feel like it is easy to make necessary changes. I would wholeheartedly recommend All Points Advising.

Michael Abraham, Owner
Your Tech Therapist

Suzanne Leduc, President, PDSO, New America College

“All Points Advising is an exceptional company, that impressed us from the very beginning. April Hartman is professional, informative, and fun to work with. There was never a dull moment and yet everything was accomplished in a timely manner with great attention to detail. We look forward to working with her in the future.”

Suzanne Leduc, President, PDSO
New America College
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