Administrative Solutions
All Points Advising, LLC., will bring an outside perspective to your HR and administrative needs. Our goal is to provide best-practice solutions to increase office efficiency. Streamlining intra-office tasks and omitting administrative redundancies will help maximize the time of your most critical assets: your employees. We can also assist in the updating of multiple administrative necessities: employee handbooks, policy and procedures manuals and employee reviews. Copywriting and editing services are also available. Additionally, All Points Advising can either update or create  forms necessary for your business. We also offer best practice solutions intended to make your employees and office HIPAA compliant and cyber-secure.

Industrial Security
Entering the world of government contracting is exciting and involves a lot of detail. If your contract involves facility and personnel security clearances, the level of detail increases. If you are in the Omaha Metro area, All Points Advising, LLC, can help guide your designated Facility Security Officer (FSO) through the initial steps, providing resources and answering questions. We also provide, through resources or direct training, support for the ongoing employee training required for your company to maintain facility and personnel clearances.

Special Projects
Every business at some point finds itself with a special project. It may be needing a physical office space reorganization, re-branding update, or event celebration. We also provide research, writing and copy-editing services. If what you need isn’t something in our area of expertise, we have the professional network and resources available in the Omaha Metro area to help find you someone who can.