Employee Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews are often seen as something that have to be done and just add to the workload. However, a good performance review is an essential tool for your company. Quality reviews give the employer the opportunity to let employees know if they are doing their job to the employer’s expectations. This is essential, as reviews will be used to determine promotion opportunities, salary increase, potential training needs, possible disciplinary action and long and short term career goals. Quality of work, efficiency and attitude are all topics that should be addressed.  Employees want to do their job well; they just need to know what a “good job” means for the company. Reviews do not need to be complicated, but they do need to be done – and done well.

Employee performance reviews give employees feedback on their job performance over the year. They need specifics on what the boss likes and constructive criticism on what can be done to improve. It is difficult to give negative feedback, especially to an employee you may particularly like, but this is central to the reason for a review. Employees find it frustrating to be told they are doing a great job and that everything is “fine,” only to discover when they are about to be terminated that there was something they kept doing that the boss did not like. (Note: This could also be a liability issue if the employee decided contest the termination.)

The biggest misstep made with employee performance reviews is to make them seem like an afterthought. Preparation is key. Building the time for reviews into the schedule is necessary.  Doing reviews on the fly or cutting and pasting from last year’s review translates to the employee that their work, effort and time is not as valued or significant as their supervisors. The goal of every company is to be a success in its field. Giving your most vital assets – your employees – the feedback and appreciation they need to continue to improve and excel at their jobs will only contribute to the success of the company.

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